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The Benefits of Colon Irrigation

An enema bathes only the lower part of the colon whereas with colonic irrigation, the entire five foot plus length of the colon is bathed. A qualified colon hygienist will ensure that your colonics are safe, painless and clean. It's really important that you find a trained hygienist with whom you are comfortable and who works at a pace that suits you.

It's best to start off with two colonics during the first week to facilitate the elimination of old waste and toxins. After that, you and the therapist can set up a schedule for how many more you might need. It varies for everyone, however, don't be discouraged if you must have several more treatments over a few months because it won't happen forever. Once the body's inner ecology is re-established, it will only be necessary to come periodically to maintain health and muscle tone. ...more

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Health at Home

In these modern times, health care can be administered more and more at home and by yourself. Digital and online communication provide tons of information and remote help. A major problem with this, is the presence of illicit and obscure people who try to make money out of this development in illegal ways. Hence, a substantial part of the available information cannot be trusted.

There are a lot of different ways you can perform health care at your own home, making use of the digital possibilities we have. For instance, in stead of having to consult your doctor when you have minor health problems like a stomach ache, a cold or feeling under the weather, you can go online and consult one of the many websites providing medical and health information. There are also situations in which many people are reticent in consulting their family doctor: the so called shame-related health problems. In many cases these are problems like addiction, like smoking, and problems men encounter that harm their manly hood such as libido problems (erectile dysfunction). There are very effective drugs that can treat these problems, like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, but not all are effective as can be seen on this review http://wecanwait4u.com/namzaric-reviews.html. These drugs can now be ordered online too, so people don't have to talk with their doctor about it. ...more

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There are a staggering 300,000 higher plant species that are chemically unique of which fewer than 10% have been examined for their medicinal potential. There can be no doubt that many hundreds of safe, natural and effective remedies lay hidden in this vast resource. Taxol, the ovarian cancer treatment has been developed over the past 15 years. It originally comes from yew tree bark and was discovered by the Natural Products branch of the American National Cancer Institute. (AMCI). It is time to challenge the assumption that pharmeceutical drugs are better than herbal remedies. Pharmeceutical drugs undoubtedly have their place but it would be wrong to assume that they outperform herbs for every condition. For example, bodybuilders often use special additives such as http://limecompany.com/virmax-reviews.html.

The pharmeceutical process is 'flawed' in that it seeks to isolate just one or two chemicals and throws away the rest. This is done with no understanding or regard of the interaction or synergy between the chemical energies of the 'whole'. ...more

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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Drainage is the process of detoxifying the body using specific homeopathic remedies to discharge the toxic accumulations, treat the miasm or cause, tonify the Chi to avoid a healing crisis and then rebuild using nutritional support, constitutional remedies, organo and enzyme therapy and, finally, psychological healing to address emotional issues.

Disease is a process which starts with excretion of toxins. Our body is designed to be an auto-regulating, self-healing mechanism. But what we do with modern technology, the foods we eat, the poisons we put on and the stuff we put in our water, we block the enzyme systems. This also leads to obesity, and causes the need to resort to special additives trulyrawgourmet.com/phenrx-reviews.html. If the material is not expelled, it will result in deposition of toxins in cells, tissues and organs, which eventually leads to degeneration and necrosis. ...more

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Hi Jihan and everyone, I just found that I can join this message board - fun stuff! Finding Jihan and John has been a true blessing and thanks to Kathy B for leading me to them. May God continue to bless Kathy always!! and all God's blessings on Jihan and John. You have taught me to "never say never"...a big change from just accepting and dealing with what comes my way. I still "accept" but the "dealing" part is now with a different goal. Now I "never say never"!
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Just wanted to drop in and say hola to the world's best coach on feeling good. Love the changes to your site design. Looks great. Much more 'you' than the first evolution I had seen. I hope you are well and happy. Keep on keepin' on.

Jihan and I are here in Utah at Convention. Words cannot describe the privilege we feel it is to be here absorbing all of this exciting information. Today's weather was near perfect with beautiful sunny, clear skies and wonderful mountain air. The day was exceptionally LLOOOOOONNNGGGG, so we will give more information in the morning about new products, research, and other specific details!